English version of The Aventures of Prince Ziph – Hardcover Book now available in print

If you already took a peek at my english comics section, you know that from the last couple of days the english version of my comics – The Adventures of Prince Ziph – is available in hardcover.

So, if you still enjoy to own a real book instead of just getting a digital file to satisfy your comic needs, take a look at my printed edition which has the full quality printing services of lulu.com behind and believe me, they do a fantastic technical job on their printing services.
Their hardcovers look great and i totaly recommend their company if you´re planning to make a book out of your comics. Let me know if you need help with it. 😉

Edição hardcover em Português desta banda desenhada Edição hardcover no formato Asterix

In short, for those who kept emailing me asking for an english version of my book, here it is.
It´s done, it´s finished, please buy a copy if you enjoyed my work. 😉

baixar quadrinhos gratis online banda desenhada portuguesa gratis para download

If you haven´t read it yet, download the complete comic book here and take a look at it.

Thanks to Will Kallif from Storm the Castle.com for taking the time to do a full english revision of my story.



Essencialmente este post foca a edição inglesa em hardcover da minha história de BD.
Caso queiram comprar a mesma edição em Português podem fazê-lo aqui também.
Podem ainda fazer o download do livro em baixa resolução nesta página para espreitarem e ver se gostam. 😉


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